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Contact Information

Hotline: (414) 476-6333

Hot Line Coordinator

Sharon Boetcher



Advocacy Program
Linda Haas
(414) 476-6333

Refuge House


Blessed Again Resale

Betty Strelow -Store Manager

Jose Nunez-Assistant Manager

7624 W. Hampton Avenue

Milwaukee, WI  53218
(414) 464-9099

Business Office
Deaconess Grace Rao

Executive Director


Kate Hoffmann

Asst. Development Director

P.O. Box 240695
Milwaukee, WI 53224

Advocacy Program

Helping Hands

Advocates are a network of caring volunteers who bring hope in the living Christ and help for human needs to pregnant women and their children.

This portion of our ministry seeks to assist women who live independently but need a support system to face the challenges associated with an unplanned pregnancy.  Advocates help women navigate through the myriad of community services available to them and connect them with our churches in the South WI District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod for additional help and support.  Most importantly, an advocate is a friend to a mom during this very difficult time, offering her a REAL CHOICE for life.

While assisting women to find help for their physical and emotional needs, our Advocates provide a powerful witness to the commitment we have to respect and protect every human life, born and unborn.  While offering the love and support of God's people, they serve as a powerful witness to the life-changing power of the love of Jesus Christ.


Hot Line Coordinator

Sharon Boetcher


Advocacy Program

Linda Haas

(414) 476-6333

Refuge House

Like all of our services, Refuge House seeks to serve the neeeds of women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy who have made a life-affirming choice for the child growing within them.

Refuge House is a safe place that provides a loving, nurturing environment for women and their unborn children.  Refuge House encourages women to make the positive changes in their lives that will offer opportunity, direction and hope for their futures.  We seek to contribute to the mental, physical and spiritual growth of women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Refuge House welcomes women age 18 years and older of all cultural and religious backgrounds. The environment at Refuge House is faith-based, respectful of each woman as a child of God and a person of worth in His sight.  Residents worship together weekly and Bible classes are offered.  Women leave Refuge House having heard thay were created by a loving God with a purpose and plan for their lives.  At Refuge House women receive the love and support they need to develop confidence in their journey to become the best parent they can be or to make a loving thoughtful adoption plan for their baby.


Residents are required to actively participate in Refuge House programs and community programs designed to offer opportunities for continual growth of the whole person.  Women are empowered to take control of those opportunities that will create a positive foundation for responsible living and decision making.

Refuge House's on-site House manager models respectful and positive interactions with women and children.  Her goal is to understand and respond to each individual and the uniqueness of her situation.  The house manager sets the tone for the loving family atmosphere Refuge House seeks to model for women and their children.

Women may come to Refuge House at any time during their pregnancy and stay for up to six months after her child's birth.  While staying at Refuge House women must participate in schooling, working and/or volunteering while being committed to the Refuge House program.

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