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Refuge House Application Process - FAQ

Who is eligible to apply?

Pregnant women, 18 years and older, who are in need of a safe place and a new start are eligible for residency. Please read the Refuge House Application to see if you feel comfortable living within the Refuge House guidelines.

Where is Refuge House located?

Refuge House is a safe place for women and their children. We are an undisclosed location. We are located in the Milwaukee area in a safe, residential neighborhood with a large yard.

How do I apply for residency for Refuge House?

If you are in agreement with the philosophy and rules of Refuge House and would like to participate in our program for personal growth, go to our housing application. Fill out the form in its entirety and fax or mail the completed application.

Am I still eligible if I have a child that I am currently parenting?

Refuge House has two rooms that can accommodate both a youth bed and a crib. Eligibility would depend on availability. You are welcome to call Refuge House and speak with Ronne, our house manager, regarding room availability.

Can I have a car at Refuge House?

Yes, you can have a car if you have a valid Wisconsin driver’s license. Your car should meet required safety standards.

I have so many questions. Can I call someone to discuss my options?

Yes, please call Sharon, the Hot Line Coordinator (414)-476-6333 regarding your situation and questions you may have.

Is there anything that would disqualify me from consideration?

You must have a TB skin test within the last 6 month and a negative drug screen for all substances. The application process cannot continue until we have all medicals in hand.

Please read the house guidelines and determine if you can live within those boundaries.

While living at Refuge House, you must be in school, working, or volunteering except for the time immediately after the birth of your child.

Women should contemplate whether they feel comfortable living in a Christian home and attending Sunday worship services with the other residents and house manager. Refuge House honors and respects women of all ethnicities, religious affiliations, and economic backgrounds.

Women who need medication to help them cope with emotional challenges may need more help than we can provide. Women who have dependency issues need the help of professionals that can help them rise above addiction. Refuge House reserves the right to decline a request for residency if we feel it is in the best interest of the applicant to obtain help and assistance from other sources.

A history of violence disclosed on a criminal background check may disqualify you. Unaddressed anger management issues or a history of stealing or lying can greatly compromise your opportunity to live at Refuge House, a safe place for all who reside there. Special circumstances may intervene on your behalf if you have taken positive steps towards controlling your anger with anger management classes or counseling.

How do I know if my application is being considered?

Your application will be reviewed in the order it is received.

Your medicals must accompany your completed application.

If you live in the Milwaukee area, an interview will be scheduled if you are eligible. If you live outside the locale, a telephone interview can be scheduled.

If your application is under consideration and there is availability at Refuge House, the house manager will call you to discuss any questions you may have and to schedule an interview.

If there are no rooms available, your application can be put on hold for future consideration. You can share with Ronne any sense of urgency your situation may require.

If you have an application on hold and your situation changes, please call 260-318-4875 to notify us that you no longer are in need of housing.

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