Blessed Again Resale

7624 W. Hampton Avenue
Milwaukee, WI  53218
(414) 464-9099


Store Hours:

Open Tuesday through Saturday

11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m

Closed Christmas Day through
New Year's Day

Blessed Again Resale provides low-cost merchandise for our mothers and the community as well as opportunities for our mothers to obtain work experience and many volunteer opportunities.  Proceeds help support A Place of Refuge Ministries.

Blessed Again Resale is located in the shopping plaza on the northwest corner of 76th St. and Hampton Ave. in Milwaukee.

Service Opportunities

Blessed Again Resale Shop is staffed ENTIRELY by volunteers.  Regular volunteers are essential to keep the store operating.  Individuals can volunteer to work during business hours on the sales floor, ringing up sales or behind the scenes.  Groups of adults or well supervised teens can volunteer as well.  Please contact Betty or Jose, our store managers, at 414-464-9099 for more information.

Immediate Needs

Blessed Again needs someone with electrical knowledge to add an outlet to our check-out counter for an additional cash register.

Helping Hand

Donate to Blessed Again Resale

We take donations of all sizes of clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, electronics, furniture, books, crafts, fabrics, antiques and collectables, toys, linens, seasonal items, sporting goods, etc.  Donations may be brought in during regular business hours.  Please call ahead if you would like to donate large items such as furniture or appliances so that we can ensure space is available, or if you are bringing in a particularily vast number of items.

Items we can not accept:

  •    Baby furniture with bars wide enough to fit a soda can through them

  •    Baby car seats more than 5 years old

  •    Baby walkers narrower than a door opening

  •    Items with Freon in them such as refrigerators or air conditioners. Sometimes we can take them for our clients

  •    but please call first.

  •    Gas powered items such as lawn mowers and equipment;

  •    Gas stoves or clothing dryers

  •    Computers older than Windows 98

  •    Large Pianos or large organs

  •    Items that need repair

  •    Furniture in poor condition or musty

  •    Bean Bag Chairs

  •    Mattresses or box springs with stains or tears

  •    Guns, bows and arrows

  •    Endangered furs like leopard

  •    Accordion safety gates;

  •    Clothing that is dirty, damp/wet or in bad repair

  •    Pipes for smoking or cigarettes

  •    Food (we take donations of food for Refuge House but please note expiration dates)

  •    Alcohol

  •    Cigarette lighters

  •    Tires

  •    Chemicals or old, used paint cans

  •    Medicine

  •    Fireworks

  •    Moldy/musty books, encyclopedias